Fishing is like Yoga.

April 28, 2015 •  Alright, so I’ve never really done yoga. I’m simply t0o immature to handle...

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fingerprints: ep.1: taking the leap

April 25, 2015 •  The fingerprints web series is driven by all the stories we’ve heard over the...

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Trolling for Redfish

November 30, 2014 •  Catching Redfish is easily one of my favorite things to do. The second being, watching...

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I’ma DOer. The new COOL.

October 9, 2014 •  My parents are DOers. My whole family is full of DOers. As the...


Don’t DO What You Love. YOLO vs. LIVELIVE

August 26, 2014 •  Let me start by making a list of some of the stuff I love… I love eating fried...

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Kayak Fishing Changed My Life (Choose Your Reality)

July 27, 2014 •  At the risk of sounding cheesy and corny, kayak fishing changed my life. Let me...

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Marsh Kayak Fishing: Gulp and Popping Cork

July 22, 2014 •  I’d like to officially state that I am not an expert or a pro...

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June 25, 2014 • Artificial vs. Live Bait


Being 30+ & Single (a LIST blog and shit)

June 5, 2014 •   Quick Disclaimer: I realize this post could come off like some cheap online ad to...