#LIVELIVENOW is about living in the NOW, feeling alive and celebrating all the awesome ways people DO that.
It’s not YOLO – it’s more than just having a “good” time, it’s about DOing things that make you feel ALIVE, from fishing and camping, to making art and cooking. Even something as simple as hanging with your family and friends over some beer and barbecue.
It’s about living and celebrating #THEGOODLIFE – the real one, not the one requires a lot of money, or filled with moments you can’t remember. It’s about living a life you actually enjoy, one you can actually feel, one that’s filled with moments you’ll never forget.
There’s so much negative in the world, so we choose to celebrate the positive. We promote #THEGOODLIFE and YOU the #DOER, the one who lives it every day.
We believe that DOing things that make you feel ALIVE is important. Because, if it makes you happy – shouldn’t it be important? Isn’t that whole point… to be happy?


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