Writing an “about” page is usually a whole ordeal. Strangers are going to read this and determine if they give a shit or not. If you’ve ended up here, on this page, then you’re probably supposed to be here. We probably share a story – a connection. You’re probably a DOer.

Look, I am a DOer.

Above all things, a DOer is who I am and what defines me. Being a DOer is the reason my life is the way it is right now. It is the core concept to my LIVELIVE brand. It’s the way I approached my life long before I took it on as my message and my mission.

I want to create more DOers.

A DOer lives their life through action. They have hobbies and interests and they geek out over them. They are NOT spectators. They DO that shit. They LIVE it. They are forever students. They figure shit out. They make it happen. They are always chasing something… a dream, a passion, a goal. DOers make this world go round.

So this blog is about DOing and LIVING.

The blogs posts, the photos, the videos are to meant to inspire you to DO. DOing opens doors. DOing teaches you skills. DOing helps you define who you are and who you are not – through DOing and trying different things. DOing is both a celebration of live and a remedy for coping with life.

Again, if you are here, it’s probably because you’re a DOer. So welcome, I hope you stick around and help us share this message:


- Rex Del Rey


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