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Don’t DO What You Love. YOLO vs. LIVELIVE

Let me start by making a list of some of the stuff I love…

I love eating fried chicken. I love fishing. I love riding a motorcycle. I love any activity involving wind in my face. I love eating Cheetos Puffs and binge watching Netflix series. I love building things. I love taking mean ass naps. I love hanging by campfires. I love spending time with my family. I love smoking cigarettes. I love how a few shots of liquor will numb you instantly. I love being on the water. I love riding my mountain bike. I love bacon.

YOLO… “You Only Live Once” – tells you to go DO it ALL. You only live once. Throw your responsibility out the window and “live” your life.

Okay. Let’s do it!

Well, crap. Now you’re a chain smoking, drunk and the “life” of the party.  You’re gonna be late for work the next morning. You’ve gained 20 lbs. You can’t breathe. You smell like bacon.

YOLO is child’s play. It’s a free pass to go nuts and get hammered. Images of smiling young faces, Solo cups raised rebelliously in the air, beer foam spilling over the edges… good times.

Listen: I’ve probably written over a dozen “ABOUT LIVELIVE” drafts, but it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to explain it correctly and in a way that truly captures this life “approach” that I’m trying to live and share with you guys.

The title of this post is intentionally misleading… of course, go do what you love, but more so… do the things that you love that also make you feel alive.

DO the things that you LOVE that ALSO makes you feel ALIVE.

As a certified word nerd, the addition of  “that ALSO makes you feel ALIVE” to classic “DO what you LOVE” – is the definitive thing that separates YOLO from LIVELIVE. It’s positive and it’s good for you.

Eating fried chicken does not make me feel alive. Neither does eating Cheetos Puffs and binge watching Netflix series. Taking mean ass naps – sleep is the cousin of death.  Smoking cigarettes is the only socially accepted form of suicide (trying not to be alive). Shots of liquor will numb you instantly – and cause plenty more problems that will need further numbing. I love bacon.

This has been my approach and how I sort through the answer to the daily question of: What should I do next? I can tell you I am not perfect – but I am now aware and conscious of the things I’m doing. I try and I’ll keep trying to become a better, healthier and happier person.

I preach ACTION, DOing and being a DOer because I think that is the path to being happy. We all wanna be happy right?

I once read,

The opposite of Happiness is boredom.

– Tim Ferris


Think about that for a second… those moments when you felt unhappy. Are you bored at your job? Bored with your relationship? Bored with life?

Well, get your ass off the couch and Go DO something!

To fight boredom – you’ve got to go DO something. Now, I admit, “DO something” is pretty vague. It could easily be – going to have a drink or many, going fishing or watching a movie. I needed to find away to filter what easily filter what I should be DOing.

Here’s what I learned up with through reading books, watching documentaries, observing myself and others… and really just being a grown up.

Listen: to fight boredom, you essentially have two types of activities to choose from: activities that will distract you (numb you) or activities that will engage you (feel alive).

From my experience, living a life full of distractions is a life of temporary “happiness”. Switching to a life filled with more engaging activities brings long lasting fulfillment. You are more personally connected to an engaging activity. It often brings you into the moment and makes you feel alive. Through living live – you learn more about yourself, your skills, your limits and your potential. You become a more confident person, you find yourself and you redefine yourself – by simply living a life filled with activities that make you feel happy and alive.

You have a choice in how you spend your time. You have a choice in your own happiness. Choose wisely. #NOYOLO #LIVELIVE







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