Building Out the Van | #LIVELIVENOW TV: EP 2

August 2, 2018 Comments Off on I got a VAN! #VanLife | #LIVELIVENOW TV: EP 1 Views: 345 LIVELIVENOW TV

I got a VAN! #VanLife | #LIVELIVENOW TV: EP 1

In this episode, I finally get the van we need to kick-off the next phase of #LIVELIVENOW. The dream has always been to be able to travel and film, so with the van I can now take our show (and products) on the road and set-up at tradeshows nationwide. All along the way to these tradeshows, I can fish and film. This is going to be both an adventure and an experiment in lifestyle design as I try to make a living by DOing the things I’m actually passionate about. I hope you’ll join in and share this journey with me. You’ll meet the fam and friends, the DOers, and the good people that still know how to truly live. We’ll have great conversations, awesome adventures and a lot of laughs.

I always believed you could define and design your own life, this is just me trying to actually DO it. #LIVELIVENOW


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