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Down at the end of Paw Paw Court is PAC Kayak Rentals – a kayak launch spot, tackle shop and a gateway to the past. Let me explain…

Over the last year, I’ve spent about 3 months total at PAC Kayak, spread out across multiple trips. It’s become my second home. But it was this last trip, that truly revealed the appeal and charm of this place.

PAC is short for Pointe Aux Chenes, and at the very tip of PAC is Oak Pointe RV. PAC Kayak Rentals is located inside the RV park. There’s people that live out here, people that got a camp out here, folks from out of town spending the weekend out here. It doesn’t matter where we came from, we’re all out here for the same reasons. We’re here to hunt and fish, to spend time outside, to cook and hang with friends and family. That’s what we came out here to do. That’s what we’re here for.

The people out here like sitting out on the porch bullshitting just as much as working on projects and building shit. If you’re down there just to launch a kayak and go fishing, you can grab a cup of coffee before you head out. When you get back, somebody is always around to ask how you did. You can pull up a seat on the porch and hang out for a bit. You hang out long enough though, they might put you to work… but they also might feed you.

They have RVs and a house boat for nightly rentals, people come down from all over. They got coolers full of food to cook and grill up. They got empty coolers they’re looking to fill up with fillets. You ain’t gotta talk to everyone, but if you’re nice… you might get invited over to eat. They might even send you home with a plate.

PAC Kayak is a trip back in time and that’s why I keep going back. Every morning I ride a trike or walk down to the shop to have my coffee on the porch and catch the tail end of the sunrise over the bayou. Folks pull in, unload their kayak, and hang out for a bit before heading off to fish. It may only be for a day, it might be 3 weeks like this last trip for me – but the only mission when you get down here is to enjoy yourself and have a good time outside. That’s the vibe. That’s the way of life.

When people talk about PAC Kayak, they talk about the people that make up that place. PAC Kayak isn’t just a kayak launch, it’s a community made up of the people that live out here, the RV guests that visit, the kayakers here to launch, and the locals that pull up to the dock for to a quick break. It’s a hub for good people, people who value similar things, folks who truly live #TheGOODLife.

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