First BIG Van Trip to Florida! | #LIVELIVENOW TV:...


October 12, 2018 Comments Off on We’re Set-up at iCast 2018! | #LIVELIVENOW: EP 9 Views: 350 LIVELIVENOW TV

We’re Set-up at iCast 2018! | #LIVELIVENOW: EP 9

In this episode, we continue on with the Florida trip for iCast. Road trips are generally fun because it instantly puts you into the NOW. From the constantly moving landscape out the windows, to the music blaring (or not), driving can be both meditative or an adventure – either way you’re in the present and your mind is clear. With that said, road trips give you some time to truly reflect. Sometimes, I like to talk out loud on those long drives in the ActionVan, it helps sort out what I’m trying to do and what I still need to do to get there.

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