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When I Grow Up | How to Dream WIDER

June 15, 2017 •  I always like to ask kids what they wanna be when they grow up. They are so freaking...

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3 Simple Tips to Make “Watchable” Fishing Videos

May 29, 2017 •  After making YouTube fishing videos for the last five years and cranking out more than...

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Mayday: Behind the Social Media Photos and Videos

May 25, 2017 •   These last two years have been tough and I can’t say I wasn’t warned about...


You ARE What You DO.

March 29, 2017 •  You are what you do. Nothing demonstrates this universal truth...


I Didn’t Even Know How To Say Adirondacks

December 20, 2016 •  So we¬†were out on the deck of Shane Curole’s family...


How To Keep It Moving… Back to Texas!

October 27, 2015 •  I remember 10 years ago, 3 days after I graduated from the...

Don’t DO What You Love. YOLO vs. LIVELIVE

August 26, 2014 •  Let me start by making a list of some of the stuff I love… I love eating fried...

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We can’t ALL be Doctors. (2nd Generation Immigrants)

August 1, 2014 •  I pretty much won the lotto or rather my parents did… My...

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Kayak Fishing Changed My Life (Choose Your Reality)

July 27, 2014 •  At the risk of sounding cheesy and corny, kayak fishing changed...